Saint George the Confessor, Bishop of Mytilene (ca. 820)

Saint George Bishop of Mytilene

Saint George our holy father among the Saints  was born into a faithful family.  At a young, he was distinguished by his great piety, humility, and charity.  The faithful recognized these virtues in him, and he was eventually ordained Bishop of Mytilene, because of his charity and his enlightening teaching.

Saint George dedicated himself to supporting his flock, and won back those who had been inconoclasts.  He governed his spiritual flock prudently and zealously to a ripe old age.

When  Leo V, the Armenian started a persecution, and was destroying the holy icons, he summoned Saint George to Constantinople to an assembly of bishops convened by him
and whose intention it was to discontinue the veneration of icons.  Saint George not
only refused to carry out the wish of the evil emperor but with other courageous and saintly bishops he stood up in defence of  the holy icons.  Not only was he ridiculed for this
but he was also exiled by the emperor to the region of Cherson.  Here he endured all sorts of physical afflictions and deprivations for the rest of his life.
When Saint George reposed 821, his flock mourned him deeply.  Because of his great Sanctity and love for the Lord Jesus, Saint George was given the grace to become a great Miracle-worker,  during his life and after his repose.

During the reign of Patriarch Methodius, the translation of many relics of Saints who had died in exile was undertaken.   These Saints were Saint Theophylactus of Nicomedia, Saint
Theodore the Studite and Saint Nicephorus I of Constantinople.

The burial place of Saint George was at “Tria Kyparissia” [Three Cypresses] near the chapel of Saint John the Forerunner.   Between 846 and 847, his holy relics were translated to Mytilene with great honour.

Apolytikion Tn 3
“Like a meadow planted by God
You were fruitful with the Grace of the Spirit,
O holy Archpastor of the Mysteries.
You cultivated the souls of the faithful
Refreshing them with living water.
O righteous Father George,
Pray Christ our God
to grant us great mercy!“.

Kontakion Tn 4
“You shone on the world like the sun,
O holy and righteous George,
Inspired initiate of the holy Faith,
Enlightening your disciples!”.

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